Life Uncluttered

Imagine a life where you’re surrounded by things you use, love and that reflect your current interests. Your things make life easier, supporting you and your goals.

Your organized home increases your opportunities and productivity in all aspects of life. This also saves money and creates free time for you to enjoy. Relieving yourself of excess belongings paves the way for a brighter future.

I offer a gentle, practical and manageable approach to clutter clearing your home.  Focus is placed on step-by-step support. I want you to feel inspired and confident in moving forward and making space for what truly matters in your home and life. Creating an environment that supports you in fulfilling your dreams and goals.

I’ll guide you through the process; helping you discover why clutter accumulated so you can prevent it from building up again. You’ll learn clutter clearing and organizing methods that you can use to maintain the results.

Please contact me to learn more. We’ll schedule a free introductory phone call to chat about your project.  I look forward to working with you!

Based in Calgary, I’m a certified Clutter Clearing Practitioner through the Karen Kingston School of Clutter Clearing. Karen is a leading expert in the field and the author of the international best seller Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui.



By clearing away the clutter and creating a place for everything, together we can save you time and frustration and allow you to have more time for the things in life you enjoy. I can work with your organizing style and customize a system that will work for you.


Have you decided to downsize to a smaller home or retirement residence? I can help you through the downsizing and transition process, reduce your stress and provide you with hands-on support to get you moving!


Moving can be the opportunity for a new beginning, but it can also be an extremely stressful experience, both emotionally and physically. I can help simplify the moving process, remove clutter and help you prepare your home so it shows at its best.


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Client Comments

  • Olivia is an expert in decluttering and organizing, and she is also an expert at motivating her clients! She taught me many valuable strategies for eliminating clutter in my home and keeping spaces and belongings organized.  I couldn't believe how much I was able to accomplish during a single session with Olivia--my family and I are thankful for her expertise and her passion for helping others to organize their homes!

    Traci C. Calgary
  • Olivia helped tackle my basement storage area. It was overwhelming just to look at it. In a 6 hr period, Olivia had helped me completely reorganise and declutter the storage area. She also empowered and challenged me to want to do more. We did more in 6 hours than I would have been able to do in weeks by myself.  She helped me stay focused without pressuring me to get rid of things. I was amazed on how easy it was. I would recommend Olivia in a heartbeat.

    K.M. Calgary
  • With Olivia's guidance and help we decluttered and organized key areas of our living space. It felt good to get rid of stuff we no longer needed and made our home run more efficiently. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

    S.P. Calgary
  • Olivia was a great help to me in decluttering my home to get ready to put it on the market. She was very thorough and worked well with me, helping me to make decisions as to what I needed to recycle, keep or donate. I consider her a friend, she's hard working and personable, easy to work with and knows her business very well. I would highly recommend Olivia to anyone who might require her services in getting rid of the clutter most of us seem to have.

    Gloria S. Calgary
  • A million thanks for helping me get my life back today. This afternoon I was focussed and energised when I sat down at my clean desk! My mind felt clear, and I was calm - instead of stressing over the jumble of things and undone tasks. So...I just can't thank you enough!

    Susan Calgary